Great stuff man! Thanks for the walk through. Also really helps seeing the problem you faced initially with the pandemic, conducting research and then updating your personas. Did the decision to have a public and private list come from research. I'm curious as to why people might want private lists.

Remember learning to ride a bike?

How after countless crashes into walls

Parents, friends, cousins,

Laughter, shame, and shy smiles,

You never thought you’d pedal miles with an unusual grace

God, first and foremost.

Love, always.

Purpose abound by grace.

Honest eyes and one-sided smiles.

Joy in the realization of self.

A desire for new policies,

Often mistaken for rebellion.

A thousand waterfalls,

The boy who always was.

What is in this man?

The gunshot before a thousand false starts thus far.

I return once…

Why I think I’m perfect for the UX world

I really hope you get this reference!

Hey guys, my name is Funmilade Taiwo. My friends call me FTaiwo or F.T. Are we friends? You decide.

I’m only writing this because:

  1. I could not pass on the title!
  2. My days are pretty free right now. p.s. Hire Me if you want me to stop writing!
  3. I needed…

Heuristic evaluation and redesign.

Project Overview

Role: Heuristics Evaluator, UX Designer

Timeline: 2 weeks

Tools: Sketch

Contributors: Chris and Carolyn

The Challenge

Conduct a heuristics assessment of the Zara mobile app, with design suggestions on how they can be improved. A.k.a, are there any usability issues with the Zara mobile app that negatively affect the user experience? Yes…

When the sun forces the breath out of me

Urges me to stare into its wonder

At 5:45am

- The cusp of answered prayers -

Whispering back as though I’m the last man on earth

“Isn’t this what you asked for?

One more chance?

It’s yours,

It’s yours,

It’s yours”

Funmilade Taiwo

Poetry and UX stuff.

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